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Health and Wellness Expo Management

Expo Planning Services for Large Companies

A corporate health and wellness expo is the most visible wellness event that a company can execute. We work with large corporations to ensure that their employee wellness expo is strategically planned and impeccably executed. We believe a wellness expo should be fun, educational and professional.

A well-executed wellness expo can boost employee engagement and strengthen behaviors that are proven to lower health care costs. In addition, it can earn your benefits team the praise and respect you deserve!

About Our Expo Planning Services

Planning a wellness expo is incredibly time consuming. It can take between 90 and 120 hours to do it well. We offer expo planning services to benefit and wellness teams that just don’t have enough time for all the planning. We also partner with teams that want strategic counsel and support, so they can drive bottom-line results.

When you partner with us, we serve as your advocate and guide. We take care of all the details, and we’re very sensitive to your schedule. Our goal is to relieve the burden on your time and help you make educated, strategic decisions.

Our expo planning services include:

Service  Purpose
Strategic planning Ensure that your expo supports your business goals, wellness strategy and employee demographics.
Exhibitor identification and coordination Find, prescreen and book the most engaging and reliable exhibitors, and to serve as their daily point of contact. Some expos can have up to 50 exhibitors!
Project management Manage a detailed schedule and keep you on track from week to week.
Logistical planning Oversee all the physical aspects of your expo, including coordination with your facilities management team.
Marketing and promotions Generate buzz and excitement among your employees (using our best practices), and to line up the best sponsors, advertisers and promotional giveaways.
VIP coordination Engage your VIPs, from executives to health carriers.
On-day management Ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Learn More about Our Expo Services

We plan health and wellness expos for Fortune 500 companies nationally.  Most of our clients have at least 500 employees on-site. This service is provided to corporations nationwide.

To discuss your health and wellness expo needs or to request an estimate, please contact us at 877.634.4552 or info@totalwellnessstrategies.com.

If your business offers a health-related product or service, please learn about our exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities.